McNinch Home Gets A New Life

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96 Year Old Property on Sharon Lane in Charlotte, NC Finds New Life

Story by Queen City News

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Hi Mike,

The information on this page would be greatly improved with a more interesting write-up from your team.  Maybe start by answering these questions …

McNinch House

  • Where is the project located?  (Address if you have it.)
  • What is being done to preserve the house or property?
  • Which Preserve Mecklenburg staff/board/volunteers are working on the project?
  • Are there any community or city leaders working with PM?
  • When did the project start?
  • What is the projected completion date?
  • Are there any city/county funds being used?
  • Is money needed from volunteers or contributors?
  • PHOTOS !!!!! PHOTOS !!!!! PHOTOS !!!!! Do you have any photos you could send?