Who We Are

Preserve Mecklenburg, Inc. (“PMI”) is solely focused on the preservation of historically and culturally significant properties in Mecklenburg County and the surrounding region.  We not only find the buildings significant, but we also find the grounds significant, which gives the overall feel for historical sites. PMI firmly believes that, through preservation, individuals and communities alike will be able to develop a keen understanding of the history that has shaped us, and meld that knowledge into a template for future growth, allowing for a richer cultural heritage that will positively shape continued growth in the region, all while developing a true sense of community.

What We Do

As a privately funded North Carolina 501 c (3), PMI is what we call real estate active, utilizing our inherent flexiibility along with various legal instruments to achieve our preservation goals.

PMI actively seeks to preserve property of special historic and cultural importance by securing, marketing, and selling the fee simple and any lesser included interest in qualifying properties. All properties sold are protected by legal instruments to assure their preservation in perpetuity (Preservation Easements and or deed covenants). Preserve Mecklenburg, Inc. also negotiates exclusive, assignable, renewable options to purchase property. Preserve Mecklenburg, Inc. will administer and provide stewardship over preservation easements and/or deed covenants.  Preserve Mecklenburg, Inc. will, on occasion, purchase property outright. In addition, Preserve Mecklenburg, Inc. offers an enhanced educational model through lectures, tours and assistance with research and the creation of historical markers, monuments and plaques.

Preserve Mecklenburg, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization with an IRS ruling  in 2019. Donations to Preserve Mecklenburg, Inc are tax-deductible

Board and Staff Members

Tommy Lee – Executive Committee Chair
Frank Bragg
Dan Morrill
Louis Asbury
Stefan Pienkney
Victor Jones
Eric Gamble
Brian Jenest
Mark Miller
Miller Jordan
Boyce Thies
Patrick Parente
Peter Wasmer
Emma Littlejohn